In addition to all the fun and excitement playing Ortiz Gaming games, the machines also offer community Bonus rounds with more amazing prizes!


It is a bonus in which all the connected machines on the island participate collectively. For a predetermined period, prizes are shot and distributed to several players through fantastic animations.


Explore the world of Sir Prize, where an animated dragon distributes prizes through draws among participants connected in the same island. The interactivity of this bonus makes the player’s experience much more interesting.


Prepare to be amazed by incredible magic in Magic Pot. The trick is figuring out which top hat hides the best prize. It is a product with collective interaction and players can participate and win simultaneously.



The little ghost appears during the match and will mark several different numbers on the card, giving you prizes and increasing the chances of winning higher prizes. It's a fun and exciting bonus.



Make the Bingo experience even more rewarding! After winning the Bingo, the player has a chance to spin the Big Bingo wheel to multiply the prize won by up to 5 times. A show of awards.



The Gold Bingo bonus is enabled when you win the Bingo prize. Throw the first 7 balls and hope to hit the best prize. Each interaction is a unique emotion and the Bingo experience becomes incredible.



This product makes it possible to double the prize that the player had just won. The Magician will shuffle the hats and the player will have a chance to choose which one has the power to double the prize.



Pop Pot is an award in which all the Ortiz machines that are playing participate. A slot game appears on the screen and generates prize draws in parallel to the game, without disturbing normal play and adding more excitement to matches.